Tuesday, December 2, 2008

things look good for that guy

he got another wheelchair?! NICE! within the last year n a half or so i've come to see some sweet characters on the street. some of them are...hell most of them are recurring characters who all seem to have some little niche that they have come to own all their own. one of those guys was the backwards wheelchair guy.
as the name would make you believe he's a homeless guy who's got himself a wheelchair and he rolls himself along backwards by pushing it with his feet. while he's not strictly limited to the push method...i have seen him use the "forward foot crawl method" to scoot his way past the store. he seems to have a large territory too! i've seen him as far north on 2nd street as green street but i think he makes old city his home.
recently i noticed he no longer had a wheelchair but a baby stroller for carrying his belongings. this came after i had seen him with a missing pair of front wheelchair wheels as he walked behind his now wheelbarrow like contraption. i figured the wheels were lost in a spat for territory w/ another fellow nomad and then it was abandoned upon discovery of the sweet ass child stroller.
but today as i walked up to the shop from the shitty coffee guy just north of here [really a great place that sells everything super cheap!] i walked past the backwards wheelchair guy backing from arch street onto the sidewalk on 2nd! he's got wheels again! i will be looking forward to seeing him roll by the shop again and on the lookout in other areas of the city for him in adventures!

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Anonymous said...

kinda cant believe you have a blog. its a neat idea tho. im writing this from my phone on the train and the most personal space invader seat sharer just left THANK GOD. o god heres another.