Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overheard In The Comic Shop!

welcome to what i hope will be an every Thursday sorta thing here. bits and pieces of things i overhear while working in a comic shop...things from questions to just that annoying little piece of a conversation that you hear that sticks and either makes you laugh or just drives you nuts for days a la Lewis Black. as a bonus i will give you the one that i heard while writing this. so here goes...the very first OHitCS [ i doubt that will stick ] is

•really nerdy middle aged man to his weird small lady friend:
"who's Bettie Page?"

and since that one was a gimme heres the one i had planned for a while.

•a small child walks over to a comic called "The 99" and says to his mom:
"This is about Islam, right?"

needless to say that kinda broke my brain just a little bit cause it caught me so off guard.
that will be it for me today.
might do a blurb about a comic tomorrow.

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BRiAN239 said...

no one will ever believe that i blogged about bettie page a mere week before she died...what a way to start off my Overheard in the Comic Shop segment.