Wednesday, December 31, 2008

See You Next Year!

2008 ends tonight. 2009 begins tonight. THE FUTURE IS NOW

oh and a fat kid for good measure

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK. god damned holidays messing everything up

w/ xmas come and gone and 2009 just about a day away i finally come back to this here blog...i know i know i missed overheard and the comic shop last week. i hate to inform you i will be missing it this week as well...that will be new years day here in @ To & From the Comic Shop and i will have to be To the Comic Shop that day...meaning i get to be the hungover monkey selling all the people of philadelphia comics! yay!
and shameless plug for the store over...
in preparation for the new year most of today was spent gathering booze to make my friends and myself good n drunk to start off this new year. the only lame thing 'bout this whole thing is the fact that i have to be semi functional for jan 1st 2009...oh well. let's see how that pans out.

since there is all of this lame holiday delays and such i have a lot of time here at the shop where i feel like no one will be shopping for comics [except for the day of the sale...lets hope] AND since i already have all of the comics coming out on Friday [yea new comics on friday is kinda lame] i plan on reading every damn one of them before they are "out"...HA! good game right? thought so. i've already got one under my belt.
in other news i got a nice digital camera for xmas. still a point and shoot but i am not complaining in anyway! the damn thing is beautiful and ive yet to take more that prolly 30 pictures with it yet but stay i will post some here im sure
heres one now [from a walk to or from]:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Overheard In The Comic Shop!

goldernit i suck at blogging.

Here we go with another overheard in the comic shop"
young kid from NYC, in shop on a field trip to Philly, asks me
"do people ever come in here and drop like $500 on comics?"

i say

he says
"dang man they could hire a stripper with that money. that's what those people offense if you like this stuff..."

there ya go. words of apparent wisdom from an NYC teen.

and now a picture for no good reason.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

baseball chewie!

this is all i have to offer today.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overheard In The Comic Shop!

well its thursday yet again. i may have been a bit quiet this week [ for some reason last week when i felt like there was more going on i got more "blogging" done than this week...but hell im so far behind in comics reading this week im sad to say i sell them for a living ]
but all of that aside heres the 2nd installment of Overheard in the Comic Shop! [ thunderous applause from the audience of none ]:
(im gonna set the scene for you)
it was late on a wednesday evening...last 5 min or so. no customers. im breaking down the cardboard boxes for disposal and in walks a german tourist [ we get a lot of tourists due to our local near the tourism areas of Philly ] he then said to me in broken german/english:

"hello. i am from germany and i need your help!"

gotta love that shite! the best setup for a sweet 90s action/scifi/historical/thriller if there ever was one!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

yesterday on my way in

yesterday morning the protesters were back. they stand out front of the building next door and protest. i dunno what...their signs have too much shit written on them to make it even worth my time reading. but while i was opening the shop i noticed the one guy was particularly lazy when it comes to his protesting style...he had his sign hangin on the dumpster that they stand next to! i got mad at this...and well i just plain hate the construction next door more and more has been happening since august!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overheard In The Comic Shop!

welcome to what i hope will be an every Thursday sorta thing here. bits and pieces of things i overhear while working in a comic shop...things from questions to just that annoying little piece of a conversation that you hear that sticks and either makes you laugh or just drives you nuts for days a la Lewis Black. as a bonus i will give you the one that i heard while writing this. so here goes...the very first OHitCS [ i doubt that will stick ] is

•really nerdy middle aged man to his weird small lady friend:
"who's Bettie Page?"

and since that one was a gimme heres the one i had planned for a while.

•a small child walks over to a comic called "The 99" and says to his mom:
"This is about Islam, right?"

needless to say that kinda broke my brain just a little bit cause it caught me so off guard.
that will be it for me today.
might do a blurb about a comic tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

last nite!

i got outta work early last night [ we switched the hours up a bit this week due to the new comics comin out tomorrow this week ] and as i was running errands back and forth on arch street i noticed some action going on over at the Betsy Ross...the action was some vans unloading things and people milling around. those people were wearing TAPS gear! frickin Ghost Hunters was like 5 feet from me. but of course i pussed out and didnt say anything to anyone. sigh.
Sad Monkey Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

things look good for that guy

he got another wheelchair?! NICE! within the last year n a half or so i've come to see some sweet characters on the street. some of them are...hell most of them are recurring characters who all seem to have some little niche that they have come to own all their own. one of those guys was the backwards wheelchair guy.
as the name would make you believe he's a homeless guy who's got himself a wheelchair and he rolls himself along backwards by pushing it with his feet. while he's not strictly limited to the push method...i have seen him use the "forward foot crawl method" to scoot his way past the store. he seems to have a large territory too! i've seen him as far north on 2nd street as green street but i think he makes old city his home.
recently i noticed he no longer had a wheelchair but a baby stroller for carrying his belongings. this came after i had seen him with a missing pair of front wheelchair wheels as he walked behind his now wheelbarrow like contraption. i figured the wheels were lost in a spat for territory w/ another fellow nomad and then it was abandoned upon discovery of the sweet ass child stroller.
but today as i walked up to the shop from the shitty coffee guy just north of here [really a great place that sells everything super cheap!] i walked past the backwards wheelchair guy backing from arch street onto the sidewalk on 2nd! he's got wheels again! i will be looking forward to seeing him roll by the shop again and on the lookout in other areas of the city for him in adventures!