Monday, March 16, 2009

the goon!

if you know me you know i love the Dark Horse comic created by Eric Powell known as the Goon. it has been picked up to be turned into an animated film and there are some updates! i am super excited! first at the prospects of a Goon movie and second at the prospects of a CGI animated film or hell any animated film generated with darker more adult themes that is not made or targeted for children. i cant stand that animation has to pander to kids in america. they figured this out in japan years ago [ and no i do not mean any of that bullshit anime porn crap...i cant stand hentai or cartoons doin it (tho ill give some of the people credit for makin money offa poor saps who just wanna watch cartoons have sex )...even the sex in the classic Ninja Scroll film always freaked me out a bit... ] but i digress...i am just super psyched to see this image today! i cant wait! all i need is Oddworld Inhabitants to get their shit together and get me my Abe's Oddysee movie out there and i will be in heaven!

Friday, March 13, 2009

this book

this book gets looked at all the freakin' time! i has a velcro closer thing on the slipcase so i can hear you open it! i can see you flip thru it! i know all of you creepy men have an Asian Fetish cause you are drawn to the book that sits next to a buncha really great books but you never pick them have to pick of this book! the book itself is kinda like a whore...and all of you have touched no one ever buys it

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hey look...someone on the innernette knows me enough to mention me

so my good friends over @ saw fit to mention my other good friend over @ today and at the same time throw in a reference to me and the shop! total sweet deal all around! [ you may have to look closely to find my ref but it's there!...i'm the *'s explanation at the bottom...and i too agree w/ Tim on attractive women reading comics...we seem them every week! it's not just smelly/fat dudes and kids anymore! don't get me wrong. those characters still do buy comics on a regular basis and are usually all around nice and good people [ except for when a kid peed its' pants in the shop a week or so ago...more on that another time ] but the myth of the girl in the shop has been proven to be just that a myth!...heck the guys from geekadelphia are guilty of bringing them in from time to time as well!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

WAAAAAAAAAAY TO LONG- Overheard in the Comic Shop!

and welcome back to Overhead in the Comic Shop...[ i recently fell off the face of the blogosphere, i guess u call it, when the computer here at the comic book store died a few weeks back and have been struggling to get myself back into the innernette like i was at one point
(here's a pic of the hole where the computer was not while it was dead)'s kinda like workin out everyday and then takin a few weeks off and bein lazy and building your steam back up into the mood to work out again (i am also in the process of doin this very task)]...but anyway here's a new overheard in the comic shop that just happened no longer ago than it took me to write this paragraph [ if you can call this a paragraph ]...

Old Lady buying Spider-man #583 [ yes we still sell that damn book at least once a day ]:
"could i have a plastic bag to carry it?"
" yea sure you can."
Old Lady who loves Obama in Spider-man comics [ she wouldn't buy the Bio Comic form IDW ]:
"cause i have a cane and need the plastic bag to carry it."

wtf!? you can't carry it in a paper bag because you have a cane?...i know plastic bags have handles ... but seriously...just hold the paper bag?...and i right or am i being an asshole?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new president.

check the internet it will tell you more than i can. we got a new president.what else do you want me to say? im super psyched but im sure it has been blogged to death...sooooooo i am choosing to blog about this picture today. facebook is full of bullshit "hey you should know this person" things...and well sometimes i click on them. and today i did. essentially i should know this guy who is being super cool wearing a shocker t-shirt and giving the shocker...but i cant seem to get past how much i hate/love that he is wearing the shocker t-shirt while giving the aforementioned super cool hand sign.
i dunno if it's just me or what but i can't stand this sign. i think i had a good chuckle about it the day i heard about it who knows how many years ago but then it kinda stopped there. the chuckle turned to annoyance and then that just turned into whatever that level is just below total hatred [it's still in the range of super annoying...while spider-man #583 is way above total hatred]'s just a dumb handsign you say. well yes it is. but it has become the dumb hand sign that has come to stand for and be associated with so many douchebags that i come across in my life...and the fact that Dane Cook's ["comedian"] hand sign [why the fuck does a stand up comedian need a hand sign in beyond me] is so similar just adds to my hatred for both both have become symbols for those douchebags...
but this now brings me back to my love for the fact that this guy thought he was so awesome that night that he was wearing a shocker shirt and doing the shocker...i cant get enough of America and Americans in this sense. it's just something i love about people in general...and something that friends of mine have trouble getting their heads around how i refer to both douche and non douche people as sweet...ah people...ah the internet. thank you.
oh ps new president.
THANKS TO SPIDER-MAN FOR STOPPING THE CHAMELEON BEFORE HE COULD TAKE THE OATH OF OFFICE AND BECOME's not like 12Noon doesn't make you the president automatically...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

in other news

•Ruairi and Keith are in town tonight.
•Street Fighter Alpha 3's Zangief has pissed me off so he will be goin' down soon!
•im gonna be part of the podcasts soon! [laugh at my ability not to speak as much as you laugh at my horrible writing here]
•anyone have Battle Star Galactica DVDs i could borrow to catch up on the show...i never saw any of it...ever.
•i hate my shitty thumb.