Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK. god damned holidays messing everything up

w/ xmas come and gone and 2009 just about a day away i finally come back to this here blog...i know i know i missed overheard and the comic shop last week. i hate to inform you i will be missing it this week as well...that will be new years day here in @ To & From the Comic Shop and i will have to be To the Comic Shop that day...meaning i get to be the hungover monkey selling all the people of philadelphia comics! yay!
and shameless plug for the store over...
in preparation for the new year most of today was spent gathering booze to make my friends and myself good n drunk to start off this new year. the only lame thing 'bout this whole thing is the fact that i have to be semi functional for jan 1st 2009...oh well. let's see how that pans out.

since there is all of this lame holiday delays and such i have a lot of time here at the shop where i feel like no one will be shopping for comics [except for the day of the sale...lets hope] AND since i already have all of the comics coming out on Friday [yea new comics on friday is kinda lame] i plan on reading every damn one of them before they are "out"...HA! good game right? thought so. i've already got one under my belt.
in other news i got a nice digital camera for xmas. still a point and shoot but i am not complaining in anyway! the damn thing is beautiful and ive yet to take more that prolly 30 pictures with it yet but stay tuned...as i will post some here im sure
heres one now [from a walk to or from]:

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