Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overheard In The Comic Shop!

well its thursday yet again. i may have been a bit quiet this week [ for some reason last week when i felt like there was more going on i got more "blogging" done than this week...but hell im so far behind in comics reading this week im sad to say i sell them for a living ]
but all of that aside heres the 2nd installment of Overheard in the Comic Shop! [ thunderous applause from the audience of none ]:
(im gonna set the scene for you)
it was late on a wednesday evening...last 5 min or so. no customers. im breaking down the cardboard boxes for disposal and in walks a german tourist [ we get a lot of tourists due to our local near the tourism areas of Philly ] he then said to me in broken german/english:

"hello. i am from germany and i need your help!"

gotta love that shite! the best setup for a sweet 90s action/scifi/historical/thriller if there ever was one!

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