Friday, January 9, 2009

overheard in the comic shop

its been a while for this and i know its not thursday and all that but whatever...heres the first overheard in the comic shop of 2009!

a person walked into the shop one time with great determination and said:
"do you have i mean scrabble?"
i wanted to laugh so hard at them.

if that one wasnt good enough for ya try this double shot on for size:

a south philly plumber type walks in wearing his plumber tshirt and says to me upon seeing a copy of Frank Miller's 300 on the shelf:
"that was a good movie that three hunnert. you think they are ever gonna make a sequel?!"
::: sigh :::

ok not enough for ya? heres another one:

girl to her friend in the shop looking at comics on the great wall:
"here's a fact: all black [female] superheros look like Halle Berry."

see look

ok. back to selling comics.

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