Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my god! COMICS!

so you may have realized i hate a certain comic book that will be hitting the shelves tomorrow morning as you go out and grab your comics...this so called team up is gonna be sold out here @ Brave New Worlds but we will have the second printing that does not look like this:
now if that cover isn't enough to be baffled by here are some spoiler laden excerpts of dialog from this sought after gem...one spoiler is MAJOR:

"hiya, prez-elect! loved ya in the debates!" [spidey as he swings in]

"it was...uhh...Barasket Oballma..." [an impostor does not know Obama's basketball nickname]

"here that, chameleon? the president-elect here just appointed me...the secretary of shuttin' you up!" [punch to face!...oops the chameleon was the impostor...told ya it was major]

oh and i didn't even get to how bad the art is in this story...

now that i am done talking trash on this book...that quite honestly i do not read [like many of the people who are gonna be trying their damnedest to get their hands on in a little over 15hrs or so...from when i write this] i will point you in the direction of someone who makes some good points as to why this book and other things of its' ilk suck...or have just gotten plain on my nerves! and hey she quotes me so it cant be all that bad...or can it...i think i may have been drunk at the time of that conversation...anyway

on to the book that should be getting more hype...well at least i think so...if the return of Barry Allen earlier this past year [shit it is 09 now isnt it...] was big enough news to make it into all of the newspapers and morning tv "news" shows so that dc comics readers had their Wednesday's ruined for them before the big mouthed guy at their local comic shop could ruin it for them [every shop has one], then i think that the issue where something as big as what happens here within this book should have people calling me to get their hands on it...but alas it may be overshadowed by the red-n-blue spidey meeting the "prez-elect" on innaug...er innagur...that day he gets sworn in...than the "day evil won" as has been attached to this book from the get go...i dunno...for the money Final Crisis #6 Change(s) everything while the amazing Spider-man meets Barrack Obama just bored me...

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