Monday, March 16, 2009

the goon!

if you know me you know i love the Dark Horse comic created by Eric Powell known as the Goon. it has been picked up to be turned into an animated film and there are some updates! i am super excited! first at the prospects of a Goon movie and second at the prospects of a CGI animated film or hell any animated film generated with darker more adult themes that is not made or targeted for children. i cant stand that animation has to pander to kids in america. they figured this out in japan years ago [ and no i do not mean any of that bullshit anime porn crap...i cant stand hentai or cartoons doin it (tho ill give some of the people credit for makin money offa poor saps who just wanna watch cartoons have sex )...even the sex in the classic Ninja Scroll film always freaked me out a bit... ] but i digress...i am just super psyched to see this image today! i cant wait! all i need is Oddworld Inhabitants to get their shit together and get me my Abe's Oddysee movie out there and i will be in heaven!

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