Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hey look...someone on the innernette knows me enough to mention me

so my good friends over @ saw fit to mention my other good friend over @ today and at the same time throw in a reference to me and the shop! total sweet deal all around! [ you may have to look closely to find my ref but it's there!...i'm the *'s explanation at the bottom...and i too agree w/ Tim on attractive women reading comics...we seem them every week! it's not just smelly/fat dudes and kids anymore! don't get me wrong. those characters still do buy comics on a regular basis and are usually all around nice and good people [ except for when a kid peed its' pants in the shop a week or so ago...more on that another time ] but the myth of the girl in the shop has been proven to be just that a myth!...heck the guys from geekadelphia are guilty of bringing them in from time to time as well!

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